Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Berry?

It's very simple. All Berry varieties are proven to be antioxidants. That's why all our products contain at least one Berry variety.

Why Rawberry?

Because you are important to us. None of our products contain added sugar, preservatives, colorants or GMOs. All our products are suitable for gluten-free, vegan and Paleo diets. All age groups from children to seniors can safely consume Rawberry.

Is Rawberry suitable for the "Vegan" diet?

Absolutely. All our products are Vegan. We do not take animal products into our production facility under any circumstances. All our products have been analyzed by the Vegan Association of Turkey at Yeditepe University and received the international V-LABEL certificate.

Rawberry organic?

Unfortunately not yet. But we are working to get organic certification for all our products in the near future.

How many types of berries are there?

Please take a look at our Berry dictionary. Surely there are a few that you need too.

Raw raw raw berries?

Yes, all of them. All the nuts and dried fruits we use are raw. Our production is very simple and there is no heating at any stage.

What's different about Rawberry?

No matter what we say, you have to taste it first. Our difference is both in the quality of the products we use and in our recipes. We will not be modest about it. We believe we have the best flavor. Do you have comments about our products? Please write to us at We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Is Rawberry suitable for dieting?

Yes and no. Although we are a brand that produces healthy products, our products are not food supplements. Rawberries are not a substitute for meals, but they supplement your meals and are a nutritious snack.

Can I be a content provider for your social media pages?

Yes, of course. For Rawberry, content is very important. If you are interested in healthy living, healthy/raw nutrition or similar topics, we welcome your e-mail with your ideas/thoughts to We examine all requests in detail and get back to you.

Can I become a reseller/distributor for Rawberry products?

Why not? Remember that the market for healthy snacks is growing every day. Rawberry's goal is to become one of the major players in the healthy snack market. You can send us all your requests from inside or outside Turkey at and be a part of this opportunity.