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Frequently asked questions

Why Berries?

Simple. Berry varieties are proven to be the best source of antioxidants. That’s why we use different berries for all of our products.

Why Rawberry?

Because we care about you, we never use added sugar, preservatives, food coloring, or GMO in our products. Our products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo. From toddlers to elders, people of every age can consume it with peace of mind.

Are Rawberry products Organic/BIO?

Unfortunately, not yet. But we are planning to go organic in the near future.

How many varieties of Berry does exist?

Take a look at our Berry Dictionary ( We encourage you to learn about and consume specific berries according to your needs.

Can I write or submit content for your social media pages?

Yes, please! We always keen to find content creators for Rawberry! If you are into healthy nutrition, raw diets, and innovative products, please send us an email at: with your intentions. We will review and respond to all requests. If you would like to submit photos to our Instagram page, simply post the photo on your page with hashtag @rawberrysnacks. Be creative, and we will share your post and credit you!

What is different about Rawberry?

You have to taste it and see for yourself! We believe that our products have the best taste and texture. Have comments on our products? Please email us at: we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are Rawberry products Raw?

Yes, they all are. We only use raw ingredients. Our process is really simple and heating is never involved. All of our products are cold-pressed.

Can I be Rawberry re-seller/distributor?

Why not? Raw snacks are an emerging market and are growing gradually every year. Rawberry aims to be one of the key players in the market. Whether you are in Turkey or not, write to us! We can share details with you, and you can be a part of this fantastic opportunity.

Is Rawberry good for dieting?

Yes and no. We are a healthy eating brand, but we do not claim to be a dietary supplement. Our products do not replace meals; our products provide a boost to your meals, and they are nutritious between-meal snacks.

Are Rawberry snacks vegan?

Definitely! They are all 100% vegan. All Rawberry bars certified with V-LABEL. V-Label is the quality, transparency and professionalism in the field of vegan certification.

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